Abraham Alonso

Abraham Alonso

“The Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program is always my first option even though Hong Kong is thousands of miles away from Mexico. Because the program gives me the best of both worlds, I can learn in a global classroom. I don’t just learn from the world class professors but also from the world class peers.”

“It has also helped me prepare for the future and understand how businesses are changing around the world. It also provided me a new way of thinking from an Asian context, which opened new horizons and potential for me and my business. I’m better in solving problems and learning the new skills that will help my business grow and bring in more investors for the company.”

“It takes me around 40 hours to travel from Mexico to Hong Kong. Managing the long-haul travel is very easy to me. I travel once a month and work remotely for four days between the two weekend modules to save travel time. I also set the best route to travel from Mexico to Hong Kong. The best time to finish homework and prepare for upcoming classes would be while you are on the road and in the air.”

Citlali Mazhoga
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Mexicali (Mexico)
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