Admission Requirements

In 2024, class will commence in January. Please visit here to discuss your candidacy further.

Having at least 10 years of full-time work experience is a key benchmark for the Admissions Committee to evaluate the candidates’ suitability for joining the program. Our participants have on average 18 years of work experience and the average age is 42 years old. Prospective candidates with 8 to 9 years of experience are encouraged to send their resumes for preliminary review before proceeding with the application.

Full time employment is a prerequisite for being admitted to the program, which encourages participants to apply what they have learnt from the class to their workplace, and then share the experience with others in the class.

Company sponsorship is one of the key admission requirements. It can be in terms of finance and/or time away to study. There is no minimum amount of funding that must be paid by your company. However, having your company to sponsor you both financially and time away to study will give weight to your application.

Yes, a company support letter is still required in such case. It should be stated in the letter that the company understands the time commitment the applicant has to make and the company will support the time away from work for study.

There is no strict requirement on this. The letters can be written by current or past supervisors, business partners, colleagues, etc.

Given the commitment level required for this program, it is essential for candidates to meet the Program Director and Academic Director face-to-face and also visit our campus facilities. Candidates from far abroad come to Hong Kong for interviews. Your busy schedule would be taken into consideration for an interview time to best match your travel plans.

The duration of the interview is around 45 minutes. The interview panel will not ask technical questions, rather questions related to the prospective candidates’ personal background, work experience and motivations to pursue an EMBA.

GMAT results are not required in normal situations. Prospective candidates who do not have a bachelor’s degree should consult our admissions officer and submit CVs for preliminary review.  If the admissions committee accepts your application, you will need to submit your GMAT results. There is no minimum score requirement for GMAT, however, it will be taken into consideration by the admissions committee when assessing the applicants’ overall profile.

Applicants who are not native English speakers and do not possess academic degrees from institutions where English is the medium of instruction will need to submit TOEFL or IELTS results.

The minimum scores required in TOEFL are 80 and 550 for internet-based test and paper-based test respectively, while the minimum scores required in IELTS are 6.5 for the overall result, and 5.5 for all sub-scores.

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About half of the faculty are from the Kellogg School of Management; while the other half are from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s School of Business and Management.

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