Honnus Cheung

Honnus Cheung

“The Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program definitely met and exceeded my expectations. I am able to consolidate all my experiences (good or bad) into a well-structured framework which I can then easily apply and share with others. It also gives me a holistic view on new markets and products. I am also now more culturally sensitive when I communicate with people from different nationalities.”

“The program encourages lifelong learning and always welcomes alumni back into the classroom. Even though I graduated 17 years ago, I am still in touch with the KH network by joining many KH events. The program has a great global alumni network.”

“The program provides a global perspective and network for entrepreneurs to ask and learn. All KH alumni have a high-impact, low-ego ethos. As long as you are a KH alumnus, help is just one phone call away.”

Chief Financial Officer, Asia and General Manager, China
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Hong Kong
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