Nicholas Mo

Nicholas Mo

We recently invited Nicholas Mo (Class of 2022), Principal Mechanical Engineer, APAC, Microsoft, to share his KH zoom class experience with us. Nicholas based in Taiwan and has been attending zoom classes since last year.


1) Could you tell us your KH experience so far?

The short answer is it has well exceeded my expectations!

I feel a big part of this magic is the group discussions where everyone shared their experiences and made the learning very dynamic. All these different modules build upon each other to let you see things in a much more holistic way too.

My tech strategy course was one example. Coming from an engineering background, I really enjoyed learning about blockchain developments and the trends. But what ended up being most impactful was when my learnings from other courses like marketing and world economy eventually sank in. It let me appreciate how powerful it is to harness business and tech ideas together in a sustainable way.


2)  Could you share with us your Zoom class experience?

I think KH has done a tremendous job working with their global faculty to offer this remote learning experience. I’m especially amazed by how well the hybrid classes were run in Hong Kong. Our interactions with the prof, the classroom students and other Zoom participants were basically seamless.

The KH learning experience was still intense! But having this flexibility to choose to fly to Hong Kong or Zoom into a module really let me better manage my family, work and school lives.


3) What do you think about the ‘5-year window’ class retake?

I think “living with uncertainty” and “being adaptable” are things that this pandemic has taught all of us. The 5 year retake window is actually a great way for me to extract more learning and futureproof myself. Every class is different because of all the experience each person brings. So I’m definitely planning to attend more classes in the next 5 years.



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