Virendra Jhamb

Virendra Jhamb

“I am working for a global company and I want to maximize my ability to successfully do business in different territories and cultures. The Kellogg-HKUST program not only provides me with the best opportunity to cultivate this ability, it is also, while set in the East, connected to the USA, Europe and the Middle East, too.”

“Furthermore, the program offers two degrees – one from HKUST and other from Northwestern University, Chicago. In addition we can choose electives from five partnering institutes based in Chicago, Miami, Vallender in Germany, Tel Aviv and Toronto. No other program has such an international outlook.”

“Born in the historical desert city of Jodhpur in the Indian state of Rajasthan, Virendra Jhamb, Managing Director of Kelvion India, not only comes from a place synonymous with heat he has also gone on to build a career around the efficient use of this form of energy.”

“He explains that, given both the stage the Indian economy has reached in its development, and the point he is currently at in his own career, this is the right time for him to enroll on an EMBA program.”

“With the opportunities arising from its economic energy and resources, India is now ready to make its presence felt in the world,” he says. “India also needs to utilize its immense natural resources and put non-performing assets to use.”

“On a more personal level, Jhamb wants to be as well prepared as possible for the growing competition he expects to face.”

“I am sure my career has another 15 years of life in it, and I would like to enjoy and, to the best of my potential, stay relevant and contribute to, the growth of India. But to enjoy working in my field and make a difference, I have to add new dimensions to my skills and knowledge profile.”

“When he looked at the study options open to him, he says that the international perspective of the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program immediately caught his eye.”

“Jhamb cites the quality of the HKUST faculty, the course content of this EMBA compared to other such programs, and campus facilities which provide maximal opportunities for interactive learning with professors and group members, as additional reasons for his choice.”

“Jhamb is also the recipient of this year’s Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program Scholarship for Leaders in Emerging Market Award, and he is quick to note that he and his regional peers face some very different challenges to those bosses in more established markets encounter.”

“They are managing their businesses in their own countries, and exporting, in line with home-grown technologies and values. To match the price expectations of the emerging markets, they tend to cannibalize and compromise ‘developed product’ through shallow customization.”


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